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Should I Have Gutters Installed On My Home?

Not all houses need rain gutters on the roof, but most residential property owners gain significant advantages from having these home improvement features installed. The system of troughs, downspouts and extensions carries rainwater and melting snow away from the building. Call All Clean Rain Gutters for all your guttering needs.

Diverting Water

The troughs are tilted slightly so that water flows naturally to the attached downspout. Extensions divert water to a location where it does not cause damage or inconvenience. Extensions are available in various forms. You can buy pipes, hoses, roll-out sleeves and splash blocks.

Extensions can even be installed underground. Some homeowners want a more streamlined landscape or don’t like needing to move the devices before cutting the grass. An underground extension is practical when a downspout leaves puddles or ongoing dampness in an area where people walk.

Preventing Basement Issues

Sometimes the main problem with drainage is the type of land on which the house is situated. Soil with a moderate to a large percentage of clay, for instance, holds water. When the rain pours down a roof and onto the ground, this water retention puts a substantial amount of weight against basement walls. Exceptionally heavy rain may cause waterlogged soil even with lower clay content.

In addition, some basements are prone to water leaking when rainfall is heavy. A sump pump normally manages water flowing into the underground level. However, many homes do not have this equipment or have a sump pump without a battery backup. If the power goes out, the pump does not turn on. Homeowners with basements will want to consider these factors.

Preventing Splashing

Water splashing onto the ground could damage landscaping near the building. It also can leave dirt on the exterior walls, resulting in household residents having to do some cleaning.

Dealing With Melting Snow

In regions that experience even occasional heavy snowfall, water from the melting snow either runs off the roof or goes into drainage gutters. This typically isn’t a torrent the way rainfall can be, but it still may be inconvenient. A system of downspouts and extension pipes allows homeowners to send that water to more suitable areas of the property.

Sending Water to Street Drainage

Houses that were constructed on land that slopes down from the building have an advantage in regard to drainage. The downspout system can be installed to send water down the hill and toward the street. Rainwater that doesn’t soak into the soil then reaches a different type of gutter. This is the street drainage system. Water travels down this pavement until it reaches the storm sewers, which send it out to a river, lake or other local waterways.

Concluding Thoughts

With these advantages in mind, you can make an informed decision about whether to have gutters installed in your home. The system makes drainage efficient, and it prevents potential damage and inconvenience. For these reasons, rain gutters should improve your satisfaction with your home.

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